Service and Terms

Service & Terms

Eden Africa Management Consultants specialises in helping our clients to acquire black professionals.

Our focus is on black professionals who can add value to companies and we use a methodology that is original and creative.

Since 1989 Eden Africa has gained considerable experience in the recruitment of black management and has gained insights from businesses which have been active in this area.

Eden Africa is a BEE company with 51% black ownership. We are a Level 2 supplier.

South Africa’s political transition has made the need for black professionals in management, technical, or other significant posts a strategic issue. Black management is important to an organization’s bottom line, its profitability, and possibly even to its viability and survival in a rapidly changing South Africa.

  • We like to work with the senior executives of organizations, as well as with line managers, in order for us all to be aligned in our thinking. Through that engagement we are able to clearly define the parameters of the assignment.
  • Our process takes the form of an Executive Search assignment, during which we penetrate our extensive network, conduct detailed, in-depth research and make direct approaches. Each assignment involves a fresh search. We don’t advertise for candidates – we never have.
  • We verify candidates’ educational qualifications at the time of the offer being made if requested to do so by the client. We conduct credit and criminal record checks on request.
  • In an assignment we commit our resources of networking expertise, experience, passionate involvement, our database, time and travel. More importantly – we will put our credibility with our black candidates on the line – that we are not wasting their time.


Our role in this process will be a provocative and forthright one. We will share our viewpoint with you, listen to your feedback, engage in dialogue, and generally attempt to add value to your organization based on our experience and involvement in this field.



When you employ a candidate we refer to you, our standard placement fee will be 20% of the anticipated annual gross remuneration package, payable within one week of the candidate joining. In cases where the remuneration package is R700 000 and above, our placement fee will be 25%. By anticipated annual gross remuneration package we mean the total annual ‘cost to company’ (CTC). Should the anticipated package include an incentive component which is expected to be a very significant proportion of the candidate’s remuneration, then the illustrative value of that component, as presented by the employer to the candidate, will be included in the anticipated package. The charges we refer to in this Profile are all exclusive of VAT.

It is important for us that you are as committed to the process as we are, so we require a retainer of R40 000, payable at the start of the assignment. This covers our research and opportunity costs, but is deducted from the final fee due upon placement of the successful candidate.

Should any Eden Africa candidate be placed with the client within 12 months of the initial referral, Eden Africa will still be considered the effective cause of that referral and our placement fee will apply.

Our charge when you enter into a relationship with a non-Executive Director referred by us is R300 000. If you or any associated company subsequently employ (within 36 months of our initial introduction), a person whom we have introduced to you as a candidate for a non-executive Director, then our placement fee will apply.

Guarantee period:

Should the employment be terminated within 90 days by either party because of an absence of suitability or compatibility, we will seek a new candidate if you wish. Alternatively we will credit your account with us (in proportion to the time during which the person was in your employ) to be worked off against future recruitment assignments.


Eden Africa offers a boutique mapping solution that looks to move away from dry data sourcing into providing more living, detailed information.

Many organisations can conduct an entirely internet-based research activity, but ours is more in-depth and value-adding rather than just providing the breakdown of where the different individuals are located within the market.

The detail we gather looks to provide information on potential push/pull factors and affordability as well as giving clients the tools to recruit. Feedback on workplace trends and employment preferences can also be useful in tailoring a client’s workspace or adjusting the value proposition presented to attractive talent.

Our fee for this niche service is set at R120 000, but may vary slightly depending on the nature of the information required and the scope of the search. Should Eden Africa be requested to approach and recruit any of the identified individuals on behalf of the client, the mapping fee will be deducted from the placement fee.

We believe that we can contribute meaningfully to the processes of black management and black recruitment in your organization. Eden Africa Management Consultants welcomes the opportunity to be of service to you.